Filipino Apostolate



The Filipino Apostolate


To give support in a prayerful atmosphere through sharing the bread of their lives among themselves. To serve God and community through a family oriented community with diverse ministries.

Brief Description:

It originated from the small block rosary and mass choir service in mid 1990’s and transformed to the Filipino Apostolate group to accommodate the growing Filipino parishioners in the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Presently, it is composed of a growing number of individuals from different ministries – Christ is the Answer, Agape Choir, Yishun / Sembawang Block Rosary, and various individuals who serve in different church ministries. 

Sharing and Testimonies:

Gerard Arceo: Being an OFW in Singapore, I experience dryness and start to search for something.  The Apostolate gave me peace, service, and direction in life

Jay Pisigan: I’ve been a part of the community for a couple of years now. Filipino Apostolate opened up many doors of opportunities for me to serve the parish and the community - thus, strengthening my faith and relationship with others.

Elmer & Joan del Rosario: We are nominal Catholics before, joining the Apostolate paved the way for us to serve as wardens. The sharings we had in prayer meetings and block rosary gave us wisdom in raising our family and helped us to become a better role model for our children.

Gerry & Gina Quintana: The Apostolate brought me back to my Catholic faith and strengthened my personal relationship with God, family, and community.

Mayet Paune: The Apostolate had greatly blessed our family life in Singapore. It gave exposure to our three sons to serve in the choir and for me and my husband to serve in Tagalog Mass and in Christ is the Answer Ministry.

For those who are interested to join the Filipino Apostolate Ministries, please approach any of the wardens, choir members, and lectors during Tagalog mass. Everyone will be glad to welcome you.


The Diverse Ministries of Filipino Apostolate

• Christ is the Answer is a spin-off from SAPI, a family support group who meets once a week. There is a prayer meeting and Bible sharing which takes place in the home of each member.

• Block Rosary is a family devotion to Mama Mary. It is open to all families who wish to have the image of Our Lady of Fatima brought to their homes and pray the rosary daily. Yishun is in a bi-weekly rotation while Sembawang is in a monthly rotation. Personal sharing and testimonies follows at the end of each rosary prayer rotation.

• Agape is a Filipino choir serving in Sunday 5pm evening mass and 1st Saturday Tagalog mass.

Apart from pastoral support and service to parish, the Filipino Apostolate also brings to life the observance of the Filipino Catholic traditions to our parish like All Soul’s Day, Simbang Gabi, Pabasa(Jesus Life & Passion Vigil), Our Lady of Penafrancia, Flores de Mayo and others.


Monthly, every 1st Saturday of the month after the Tagalog mass and fellowship.


Jay Pisigan, 98794572,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.